X-Wing 2.0 Launches September 2018

Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing version 2.0 is upon us and releases September 14th, if you’re new to the game you might be asking yourself well what is X-Wing and what is X-wing 2.0?

It is the second edition of what has been a fantastic miniature war game and 2.0 is the next intergalactic instalment in this ever expanding franchise.

You assemble a formidable squadron of iconic star fighters from across the Star Wars Saga, and take part in some of the most intense and high stakes space combat featuring iconic pilots such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

The game play has been refined and the focus is on the physical act of flying a start ship, X Wing Second Edition helps you create Star Wars  space battles in your own home or in your Friendly Local Game Store.  New mechanics are more intuitive creating the tense atmosphere of a firefight in space.  The miniatures are beautifully pre painted which means you can get caught up in the action straight out the box.

We’re super excited for this launch and have stocked up on the core set, various expansions and importantly if you’re a seasoned veteran the awesome conversion kits.

Are you excited for the new version or apprehensive of the changes?  Let us know in the comments below.

Time – 30 – 45 Mins

No. of Players – 2 Players

Age – 14+

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