The Revolt Comes to Comicrazy

For just the second time Paisley Magic The Gathering Players were able to experience the thrill of opening Magic The Gathering Aether Revolt cards for the first time.  6 days before general release.  Everything that the players needed to play is provided.  All they had to do was show up., and show up they did.

Comicrazy was open midnight on 14th of January 2017.  There were planeswalkers, masterpieces and in a cruel twist of fate even the soon to be banned thopter.

The players were given fantastic Aether Revolt pre release packs which included 4 packs of Aether Revolt and 2 packs of Kaladesh, a spindown life counter, an Aether Revolt sticker for their deck box or laptop and a date stamped prerelease promo card.  On top of these goodies participants of the tournament also received 2 additional packs for taking part.

Did you attend a pre release over the course of the weekend?  Let us know where and what pulls you were most happy with. 🙂

John is the owner of Comicrazy, The only specialist comic book and trading card game shop in Paisley, Glasgow, Scotland.  John is not a trained writer but likes to share news and reviews where possible.

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