Power Rangers Teaser Trailer Arrives – It’s Morphing Time

We grew up watching The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers on a good old terrestrial TV back  in the 90’s. We were a massive fan of our multi coloured stereotypes and following Tommy from Anti Hero Green Ranger to The White  Ranger was one of the greatest story arcs that our young 9 year old minds could comprehend.

You can imagine our excitement when we were able to report on the official line up.  That has doubled now that we were able to catch the teaser trailer.

Comicrazy are looking forward to this movie mostly for the nostalgia and loved that fact that from the teaser I could still tell who was which ranger.

Check out the trailer “Discover The Power” below.

OK, so the movie is probably going to be rubbish but let us enjoy what we think it could become?  🙂

March 2017 can’t come quick enough.

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