Paisley Dungeons and Dragons: Escalation


“Step forward! You’re the ones we asked for,” a dark cloaked figure bluntly says, gesturing you forward into the fire light of the ramshackle hut.

The noise of the undercity seems to swirl mutedly around you outside, the hustle and bustle of the streets blocked out by the walls.

There’s a huge, bulky man, holding an axe over his shoulder, standing next to the creepy person dressed in black, with no skin showing at all. There’s a tall, imposing woman with dark cry hair and an air of superiority.

“Excuse my friend here. They’re a bit blunt when they want to be,” the barbarian laughs, good-naturedly, as though he’s used to his friend’s aggressive nature.

“Enough, Dargo. They aren’t here to be buddies with you. You are simply required as guardians, nothing more,” she snaps, turning her attention to you. You can feel her magical power from where you’re standing: you know not to mess with her.

“You’re boring them,” The black clothed figure mutters.

“Have you become aware of the unrest in the city?” the woman asks condescendingly, “although with your dull brains, it wouldn’t surprise me if you haven’t.”

You don’t like her at all because she seems to feel as though others are inferior, however beneath her facade, there is a general concern for this mission.

“The unrest in Elspeth Bay is due to increasing demonic activity, around the outskirts and within, and a growing criminal syndicate in the undercity, not such a ‘Jewel of Safety’, now is it?” Drago explained.

“There will be several fronts on which we will wage the war for Elspeth Bay,” the wizard, Shalanna, ignores Dargo to continue, “J,” she gestures over to the black cloaked figure, “will lead the fight against the possessed politicians, pulling the strings in the upper city.

“I will investigate and discover a way to repair our magical defenses in the Great Library. It’s gone silent for several days now,” the tall woman claims, a passing look of concern flashing across her face.

“And we’ll drive them back from the city walls, keeping them busy until Quorrin can find the source of the invasion,” Dargo concludes.

From the rafters, a desert elf wearing a grey cloak, drops into your midst, looking bored by you.

“These are the heroes you summoned? Ha! They don’t look like heroes to me,” he scoffs.

“They’ve faced countless adventures and survived this long, at least give them that much, Quorrin!” Dargo rushes to your defense.

“You tell me that when they’re back here, alive in one piece.” Quorrin scoffs, “Any word from our paranoid wizard friend?”

“No,” J bluntly says.

Suddenly, there is a heavy thumping sound from overhead and the noise of people screaming.

Dargo pushes past you out into the street, watching as the ceiling of the sewer system begins to shake as something crashes into the streets above.

With a crash, something humanoid, breaks through the ground and lands in the street next to Dargo. Spinning on a dime, like a seasoned warrior, Dargo draws his axe and swings an over armed strike, hitting the creature square in the head. It’s a wretched thing, with horns and bug-eyes, and disjointed limbs.

“Demons!” the barbarian spat, cutting the creature loose, “They’ve broken through into the city!”

Shalanna teleported away in a flash of light whilst J runs out of the hut with Quorrin.

“Come with me,” Dargo shouts as he charges into battle….


About the Author: Corbin Miles has been writing since he was seven years old. Twelve years on and he’s still writing between working at Comicrazy, the only comic book and trading card games shop in Paisley, Glasgow, Scotland. and creating his own novel. He enjoys playing the guitar and watching movies, particularly fantasy and sci-fi, when he’s not writing the D&D Blog or homebrewing his latest monster or class for his games. He’s the oldest boy in a family of six and has an incredibly hyper dog named Rocket.

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