Paisley D&D – Feast of Winter Nightfall


Let me tell you a tale that happened, um… A very, very, very, very long time ago, I think… Maybe!

On a snowy night like tonight!


The Feast of Winter’s Nightfall began when the gods decided that they had grown bored of ruling the M-Multiverse so, for a single night, they decided to go down in alternate forms so that they could join in with games and festivities of a small town in the far north, named Nightfall… I think! They tried to play in the contests but found that they were too strong for their own bodies. Celeste, patron deity of life, accidentally made the town people’s feast come to life! Monolyth, god of knowledge, bested all the men in their strategy games, without batting an eyelid. Kord, the lord of strength, destroyed many of the structures in the village, whilst playing the games with the boys and girls in the town. Many of the villagers complained, telling the three gods that they should have been more careful in their endeavors. The gods decided that they would limit their powers for that night only, to give the town their thanks for tolerating their rowdiness.

The only issue was the damage that had already been done. Stupid gods… Don’t smite me! So Monolyth suggested that each one of them should pick a task for which they were not suited. Celeste decided to play the men at their strategy games. Kord made the decision to hunt for the food required for the feast, using only a tree truck to slay his prey. Monolyth, began to aid in the construction of the buildings, using his knowledge of buildings to instruct the men.

Celeste played a game of checkers against the most intelligent man in the town, a fellow named Rigmar. He decided to play easily against the fair maiden and was promptly beaten by her. Realising that Celeste was a powerful opponent indeed, he challenged her to another game, this time making sure to play his absolute best. The game was long and drawn out but Rigmar won narrowly in the end! As a reward for Rigmar, Celeste gave him a kiss, imbuing it with a tiny amount of her power, so that he would live twice as long… Kind of like me!

Monolyth’s guidance on the building was vital to the town, for he taught them to reinforce their structures, to make the buildings last longer. The men worked quicker than any other people that Monolyth had ever seen. He was impressed by their ability to learn and to adapt and so he gave them books which were full of blueprints for other wondrous contraptawhatsamacallsit! (Sorry! I’ve forgotten again!) Contraptions! That’s right!

Kord’s hunt lead him far up into the mountains to catch a fabled dragon. The creature had loomed as a great danger for many winters and as such, Kord thought that he ought to give them a, a… a gift! That’s the word I was looking for! He knew that if the village was to feast upon the dragon, their spirits would lift and they would have enough food for the rest of the winter. He approached the dragon and with a single stab of the tree he killed the mighty beast. Binding the creature, hand and foot, he dragged it down the mountain and back to the town of Nightfall.

The feast that took place that night has its own song, that many know, but for your ladies and gentlemen’s sakes I shall recite it. Bear with me, while I tune up here…, ah-ha! So… we can begin…

Great fires roared

Meat roasting over flames so bright

The deities walked among us all

‘Neath stars that shined at night


When into town strode, Great Lord Kord!

A mighty dragon he slew, with a single blow
“Quickly, quickly!” he called, “let’s prepare the feast!


The woman ran roundabout the beast

Arguing how best to cook the feast

“Broiled, stewed, fried!”

They could not decide


“What if we grilled it?” said a young little girl

“Indeed, that sounds lovely!” All the women agreed.

They filleted the dragon and whipped up vegetable stew

The tastiest creations were beautiful too…

Now onto the table! The dragon and stew!
All the townsfolk round gathered to gobble the food

The men made merry and sang many songs

The women and children all sang along

This was greatest feast of them all

on the Feast of Winter’s Nightfall!

To this day, the Feast of Winter’s Nightfall has become a regular tradition all throughout the kingdom, but no-one knows what happened to Nightfall. Some say it grew into a mighty kingdom, far greater than any other, even Elspeth Bay. Others say it was overrun by demons and monsters. Some have claimed to have seen it, and other simply ignore the idea that it exis… (W.O.J. fell asleep)


A story told by an old, traveling bard named W.O.J. as recalled by Lilac Harmon


About the Author

Corbin Miles has been writing since he was seven years old. Twelve years on and he’s still writing between working at Comicrazy, the only comic book and trading card games shop in Paisley, Glasgow, Scotland. and creating his own novel. He enjoys playing the guitar and watching movies, particularly fantasy and sci-fi, when he’s not writing the D&D Blog or homebrewing his latest monster or class for his games. He’s the oldest boy in a family of six and has an incredibly hyper dog named Rocket.

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