Magic The Gathering Paisley

What is Magic The Gathering?


Magic The Gathering is a Trading Card Game (TCG) where you would build a deck of cards either through purchasing intro decks and booster packs, or through trading with your friends and competitors.  You will battle against your opponent with your deck using creatures, spells, enchantments and more to reduce their health total from 20 to zero.  The game frequently changes as new sets and formats are released throughout the year to keep things fresh and interesting.

Comicrazy is a advanced level Wizard Play Network store (WPN) this means that we can run Friday Night Magic events as well as sought after pre release and game day events.

We run an online store too so whether you play Magic The Gathering in London or Paisley you can purchase our products here.

Comicrazy is the only specialist comic book and trading card game shop in Paisley.  Should you wish to join in the fun you can join our Facebook group Magic The Gathering Paisley.