Lucasfilm May Have Found Young Solo

It seems that Lucasfilm may have found a young Han Solo for the expanded Star Wars universe.  The actor in question is none other than Alden Ehrenreich who according to Deadline is the front runner for the iconic role.  There have been many names thrown into the hat to land the role such as Maze Runners Dylan O’brien, Hunger Games Liam Hemsworth and the incredibly talented Chris Pratt have all been mentioned.

Ehrenreichs’ past work includes Hail Ceaser, Stoker and Beautiful creatures.

We no know that the new Han Solo movie will be set between episode 3 and episode 4.  Here’s hoping Vader makes an appearance 🙂

We’re still not sure hoe we feel about this movie at Comicrazy but will wait for some conrete info on casting, trailers and seeing the movie when its released 2018 before making our minds up.

What do you think?  Is Ehrenreich a good fit for the universes favourite smuggler?

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2 Thoughts to “Lucasfilm May Have Found Young Solo”

  1. Amy M

    I’m not enthused about this casting possibility. I don’t think anybody can really feel even a modicum of approval until we get to see the actor (whether or not it will be Alden) in the role that is as iconic as Han Solo. Harrison Ford made Han Solo such a role that anybody else is an interloper that is impossible to approve of. Whoever takes the role is going to have a hell of a time and be unfairly judged because he isn’t Harrison Ford.

    I think the focus on non-force sensitive/Jedi characters in the SW verse is a fantastic thing. It was the vastness of possibilities in the Star Wars Expanded Universe that first captured my attention. But I wish it wasn’t Han Solo…I suppose they might bring in Jynn from Rogue One somehow – mhmm. I guess i’m also really ambivalent about what to think on this film.

    1. Comicrazy123

      Hi Amy,

      I totally agree about the potential for some great stories with exploring the non-force users in the expanded universe. Instinctively I think I would have preferred the introduction of a new character basing it on Han Solo which is really just a way to sell tickets. The jury is out until the movie is released to be honest.


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