Dungeons And Dragons Paisley

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role playing game, where you and your friends tell a story together.  Along the way you will complete quests for honour, for treasure and battle deadly foes.

Comicrazy is home the largest and most active Dungeons and Dragons communities in Paisley, possibly Scotland.  Each and every night there is a group of players who take the leap and create their own fantasy world that would rival any novel.

Ever wanted to play D&D but friends aren’t into it or you simply don’t know where to start?  Every day we have a rpg kicking off at Comicrazy.  The games are run in a manner where people can jump in and out.  This makes it very flexible and most importantly very beginner friendly.  (We were all new once, most  of our players learnt in store.)

Make new friends and go on journeys you will never forget at Comicrazy.  We will provide character sheets just bring yourself along and roll some dice.  Feel free to join the Paisley Table Top and Role Play Group on facebook.

About The Author

John is the owner of Comicrazy, The only specialist comic book and trading card game shop in Paisley, near Glasgow, Scotland.  John is not a trained writer but likes to share news and reviews where possible.