Edge of Venomverse Revealed

Symbioet fans will be delighted to hear, that an ocean of Symbiotes will be taking over the Marvel Universe in “Edge of Venomverse.”  which releases this June.  It’s a five issue mini series that spills out from the latest issue of “Venom” and “Venomized”.

Eddie Brock returns and so does a variety of Marvel Superheroes who along the way become hosts to Symbiotes.  We guess this will see some cool match ups and some fan service.

Although “Edge of Spiderverse” was a huge hit and spawned the creation of Spider-Gwen do you  think “Edge of Venoverse” will have the same effect?

We are looking forward to the mini series and will be adding it to our previews for June.  Get in touch to find out how you can get your copy too.

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