Dungeons & Dragons Paisley : Warpath 2



I advanced down the derelict hallway taking care to match the tracks in the dust, curiously it appears someone else had the same idea. When I arrived at the end of the tracks I was met with a door that had been carefully opened and hastily abandoned by all but the adventurer I saw inside slowly making his way towards one of several treasure chests carefully positioned around the room. I opened the door cautiously so as not to alert this poor soul to my presence. As he edged toward the chest I noticed an open door to a storage room that would serve its purpose. As he reached out his hand to open the lid I grabbed hold of his arm and waist and heaved him in to the storage room, slamming the door closed behind him as the “treasure chests” sprung to life. Mimics……they don’t fool me. What happened next is a blur, a whirlwind of fury and rage. A slaughter. In the aftermath I whispered to the poor soul trapped in the room that the others would find him and if they asked this carnage was his doing, this should buy me some more time.

The sound of battle echoed from upstairs, I seized this as my opportunity to advance unnoticed, making my way to the Western Library. There I found nothing but shelves filled with literature untouched for decades, possibly centuries. In another time this room would hold great interest but these dusty tomes are not what I seek.

The adventurers made their way downstairs, they would find the destruction left in my wake soon enough, I need more time. The residents of this house yet live, sealed inside with magic locks, should one of these locks be compromised the party will surely seek to fix the seal or finish the fight. I made my way to the Master Bedroom from whence the travellers came to learn what they may have found.

Beneath fragments of a broken bed lay one of the ancient sigils sealing the evil in place. One thing I have learned in my travels is that a painting on the floor is no match for my axe, magic or not. Once the seal was broken I made my way to the lower floor and in to the Eastern wing. From behind a door came the sounds of Ghouls feasting on what one can assume were looters seeking fortune in these haunted walls. Next to this was a storage room with debris covering the floor. Here I found the entrance to the lower levels. While the explorers did battle with the ghouls I quickly rigged an old carpet to cover the trap door as it closed behind me, a simple survival technique taught to me many moons ago. I wedged the door shut behind me as I made my descent into the Mansions hidden crypt.


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