Dungeons & Dragons Paisley : Warpath 1



I found myself in the old town of Y3t2bN4md (Yettobenamed), a strange town on the outskirts of the region that is veiled in an aura of pure malevolence, the epicentre of which hides within an old mansion on the outskirts of town.

A group of adventurers, seven in total, have arrived in the local tavern, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. I watched with great amusement as these travelling buffoons attempted to gain information from a stranger who, from the look of him was in search of something from within the blighted manor resting atop the hillside. I say “was” because he is no more, nor is the tavern. While seeking answers from the stranger a brawl erupted and though the band of unlikely companions fought with enthusiasm the short conjurer used his cheap parlour tricks to set the stranger and his surroundings ablaze while horrified patrons slowly edged towards the exit. I finished my mead and joined the startled drunks outside so as not to draw attention to my presence.

The adventurers clambered to the streets and began to retreat knowing full well the blazing inferno had not gone unnoticed. The party split with 4 heading towards that vile abode and 3 seeking to interrogate the barman of the ruined establishment. I followed the latter.

After a brief encounter with the barman the group learned of the disappearances plaguing the local town and the presence of great evil dwelling within the Manor House. The 3 travellers turned to the house to regroup with their Allies. I took care to follow discreetly.

Upon entering the house evidence of the adventurers movements was obvious in the thick layer of dust and grime covering every inch of the main entrance hall. The majority of the party appears to have climbed the stairs to the upper level while one appears to have broken off cautiously to investigate the Lower East Wing. The tracks suggest that the return was far less cautious. Hopefully this is where I will find what I seek……


(Found carved in a table in the ruins of Haukke Manor)

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