Dark Souls Board Game Kick-starter Success!!!

It looks like The Dark Souls Boardgame is coming to retail stores 2017 after the hugely successful kickstarter campaign which seen them reach their target goal within 3 minutes, and has now raised an impressive £550,000.

Steam Forged Games Ltd describe the game as the following.

“Dark Souls™ – The Board Game is much more than a classic dungeon crawler. Just like the Dark Souls™ video games, this is a game that requires strategic thinking, clever planning, and exemplary execution to succeed.”

“To triumph, players must explore dangerous locations, discover and defeat enemies, and collect equipment and treasures before ultimately facing the boss in an epic fight to the death.”

Have you made a pledge yet?   We can’t wait and hope to be able to stock the item upon release.

John is the owner and operator of Comicrazy Comic Book Shop and Games Shop Paisley, Glasgow, Scotland.  He is not a trained writer but likes to share news and reviews.


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