Comicrazy, The Only Advanced Magic The Gathering Store in Paisley

In the last week Comicrazy have  become an Advanced Wizard Play Network Store.  What does this mean for Comicrazy and for Paisley Magic The Gathering Players?

We now have exclusive benefits that no other store in Paisley can offer.  These include:


  • Friday Night Magic
  • Up to 6 Magic The Gathering Pre Releases Per Set
  • 2 Magic The Gathering Game Days Per Set
  • Additional From The Vault Products
  • 1 Magic The Gathering Grand Prix Trial Per Month
  • 4 Pre Pro Tour Qualifiers per Year (1 per season)

This is great news for Comicrazy and these events will be a first of their kind in Paisley.

We will be running a Magic The Gathering League and Standard Showdown every Saturday.  By attending Standard Showdown you will receive a exclusive pack, with a 1 in 33 chance of a masterpiece or exhibition.

If you want to learn to play or wish to know more about Magic The Gathering, visit in store.  We can even provide you with a free welcome deck to get you started.

Want to check out some of our events check out the video below and come say hi :).

About The Author

John is the owner of Comicrazy, the only specialist comic book and trading card game shop in Paisley, Glasgow Scotland.  He is not a trained write but likes to share news and reviews with the world.


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